natural resources group

Formed in 2004 by an ad-hoc group of residents and club members, The Natural Resources Group (NRG) strives to advance environmental education and enjoyment within our community.

Over the years, NRG members have written articles, hosted art shows featuring natural themes, sponsored presentations by Florida Fish and Wildlife, conducted frequent bird walks, and arranged back-country trips to the Corkscrew Swamps to view seldom-seen areas of the sanctuary. In 2015, the NRG participated in a Bio Blitz co-sponsored by Audubon International and the USGA. The goal of the Blitz was to see how many species could be found on participating golf courses. Over the course of one week, NRG members spotted and identified an impressive 270 species of flora, fauna, and wildlife, some of which had never been seen before at Collier's Reserve.

Whether assisting with an injured pelican or advising on the management of a screech owl nesting in the eaves of a home, members of the group are always ready to answer questions or provide advice related to our natural environment.